Allow me to multitask

Mar 10 2015 If you’ve ever been through a childbirth education course that includes hands-on practice of laboring positions, your partner knows how physically challenging the work of supporting you can be.  Guess what?  Doulas, to the extent that the mother and partner desire, do the same physically challenging work !  This means that I… Continue reading Allow me to multitask

Friend doula or DONA doula?

Feb 24 2015 Many mothers choose to have a friend or family member serve as a doula during their birth.  If you are an expectant mom going this route, I wish you the best and encourage you to choose very carefully exactly who it is you are inviting into your labor room, ensuring your companion is… Continue reading Friend doula or DONA doula?

Why hire a doula?

Feb 15 2015 Only about 5% of births in the United States are attended by a doula, which I reckon means that in the remaining 95%, women have an important question… We should be contributing to the baby’s college savings after all… Great question!  I understand this question personally, as investing in a doula while… Continue reading Why hire a doula?

Drink up this lovely giveaway!

Feb 7 2015 Drinking fluids is critical during labor.  I would know, having fainted shortly after my daughter’s birth, then receiving IV fluids, and suddenly feeling like a new woman (on many levels).  It’s also crucial to stay well hydrated if you’re hoping to produce ample milk for your newborn.  And let’s be honest, it’s… Continue reading Drink up this lovely giveaway!

What is full spectrum doula care, and why would I be interested in it?

Feb 6 2015 By Christine Frackelton Full spectrum doulas support a woman in all of the experiences related to her maternity: antepartum (especially for pregnant mothers on bed rest), birth/labor, postpartum, bereavement/stillbirth/miscarriage, and even abortion.  Obviously, if you are pregnant, there is a doula for whatever individual experience you are having.  Full spectrum doulas even… Continue reading What is full spectrum doula care, and why would I be interested in it?