Drink up this lovely giveaway!

Feb 7 2015

Drinking fluids is critical during labor.  I would know, having fainted shortly after my daughter’s birth, then receiving IV fluids, and suddenly feeling like a new woman (on many levels).  It’s also crucial to stay well hydrated if you’re hoping to produce ample milk for your newborn.  And let’s be honest, it’s easier and more fun to keep sipping your water when you love doing so, because it’s in a gorgeous container!


Swoon-worthy S’well bottles at Anthropologie

See these elegant water bottles by S’well at Anthropologie?  As a gift to the mothers who trust me to serve them, I have purchased one of each water bottle in this photo.  The next 5 clients to book me will be lucky ladies to sip out of these during labor and beyond.  That’s right!  Consume your H2O from a stylin’, durable, anti-chemical-leaching, stainless steel vessel by calling me pronto!  First come, first serve.  Cheers!

To schedule your risk-free complimentary consult, choose an appointment time and name a location on the Tremendoulas at Schedulicity page.  You may sign a contract and submit your deposit whenever you are ready to reserve services (and receive your free S’well bottle).  However, there is a maximum of 3 clients per month, so the sooner you book, the greater your chances are of being able to book services.

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