Yoni Steams

Mayan Yoni Stool with Tremendoulas

** Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am now offering a drop-off  yoni steaming kit, delivered to your home, for you to administer your yoni steam to yourself.  After you have completed your steam, you may leave the kit outside your front door and I will return to retrieve it.  **

What is yoni steaming?  Yoni steaming (also called vaginal steaming or v-steaming) is a traditional practice used to restore health to the reproductive organs.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that yoni steaming is a powerful weapon against infertility and a helpful tool for reducing menstrual pain and improving health conditions related to the reproductive system.

Is it safe?  Clinical studies have not yet been performed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of vaginal steaming, but devil’s advocate and midwife / herbalist / doctor Aviva Romm MD cautiously reminds us that the vagina is self-cleaning, and if you categorize steaming with douching, it may be considered potentially harmful and unnecessary.¹  For these reasons, the following principles guide my offering of yoni steaming:

  • Certified organic herbal blends are sourced from and formulated by a clinical Ayurvedic practitioner.
  • Clients must adhere to the detailed safety instructions provided for prevention of burns.
  • Clients must not be pregnant, menstruating, or implanted with an IUD.  Heavy locchia bleeding must have ceased before a postpartum client can have a yoni steam.
  • Clients are required to do their own research on the potential benefits and potential risks of yoni steaming, and must acknowledge and accept potential risks before agreeing to a yoni steam.
  • Clients are encouraged to consider yoni steaming within the context of other health choices which influence your pelvic health, including but not limited to: anti-inflammatory and fertility nutrition, physical therapy for pelvic organs, correct posture and exercise, Mayan abdominal massage, adequate and quality sleep, stress reduction, spirituality and mindfulness, and trauma therapy (when applicable).

If you decide after your own research that yoni steaming is worthwhile for you, here is what I provide:

  • Organic, free-trade, kosher herbal blend
  • Steaming equipment
  • Stool designed specifically for yoni steaming
  • Optional guided meditation
  • Set-up and clean-up
  • Optional childcare/newborn assistance and/or light household work for the duration of your yoni steaming experience

What you need to provide:

  • An approximately 3 ft x 3 ft floor space near an electrical outlet, ideally in a private and relatively distraction-free space in your home.
  • Fabric to wrap around yourself during the steam.  A combination of blanket, robe and/or towel will suffice.
  • Ample time in your schedule for the steam (around 45 minutes). To maximize the benefits of the experience, clients should also be prepared to spend at least one hour immediately after the steam lying in bed or napping.

Pricing depends on whether your yoni steaming experience is incorporated into an existing postpartum doula contract or is purchased as stand-alone service.

Are you ready to take advantage of the Tremendoulas yoni steam service?

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