Compassionate care for Palm Beach parents and babies

plus equipment rentals and auxiliary services for birthing families

Birth Support

Caring for families during the childbirth rite of passage is my passion and expertise.

Wherever and however you want to birth, it is my great joy to see you claim ownership over your journey. Honoring and supporting your needs, desires, values, and emotions, as well as the needs and desires of your baby, are my priority.

Birth Pool & Birth Stool Rentals

Your medical team will have all the tools to safeguard your and your baby’s medical needs, and with the AquaDoula tub and BirthRite seat, you add in the tools for comfort and empowerment.

Often nicknamed “nature’s epidural” hydrotherapy with the AquaDoula tub can make all the difference for enabling a drug-free labor for those who prefer natural birth. This pool distinguishes itself from the rest of the market by having a built in temperature maintenance system, solid and sturdy walls (not inflatable), as well as a larger area which allows for increased mobility or for your partner to join you.

Mothers offered upright positions for second stage of labor, as with the BirthRite birth seat, are shown in studies to have greater satisfaction with their birth. Included in the BirthRite bundle is a kneeling pad, a protective travel cover, and user guide.

Perinatal, Postpartum, Breastfeeding & Adoption Support

Parents and babies need a continuum of support extending before and after the birth.

If you’re having a challenges or complications during pregnancy, a perinatal doula can help reduce your stress and make bedrest more manageable.

When you’re recovering from birth and adjusting to life with a newborn, a postpartum doula can offer the guidance, support, and resources to help you both survive and thrive through this transformative season. As a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, I bring an extra level of expertise to postpartum and post-adoptive families whose goals including bonding with and nurturing their babies at the breast.

Some auxilliary services I offer to my doula clients around the time of birth include Energy Kinesiology, baby wearing education, and placenta encapsulation. If you are interested in these services, please let me know so I can incorporate them into our time together.


Thank you to my amazing doula Christine Frackelton

— Andralia F.

Christine is one of the most caring people I know. She goes above and beyond

— Rob F.

Christine was recommended to me by a friend of mine who has worked with her. She is very professional and extremely sweet. She will come to your house and encapsulate the placenta and she does it in two days. The reason why I chose Christine was because of how diligent and clean she is about the whole process. I highly reccomend her. Thank you!

— Francesca M.

Christine has her whole heart in this work. You can be assured you are being cared for by someone who is compassionate, skilled, wise, intentional and trustworthy. With careful attention to detail and the highest standard of professionalism and integrity, she serves clients with a passion that speaks for her character. Amazing doula!

— Lindsey R.

A selfless and dear friend, who always listens and never judges. An excellent choice for any parent looking for a compassionate and experienced birthing doula.

— Anne B.

I can’t imagine a more natural, kind and encouraging doula to be with a momma every step of the way!

— Deane Z.

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