You can find local IBCLCs, helplines, and local resources for abused women and teen pregnancy and parenting on this page. I offer my recommendations for favorite local professionals for acupuncture, obstetric and midwifery care, massage, psychotherapy, and more to my doula clients.

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The Pregnant Person’s Bill of Rights

This document clearly and succinctly lists your rights as a birthing person. If birthing at a hospital, you can ask staff there for a copy of the patient rights specific to the hospital, too. I highly recommend bringing printed copies of your rights to prenatal appointments and to your birth, and making sure your partner has reviewed it and knows to reference it when advocating for you.

Breastfeeding Videos

How to attach your baby at the breast (& prevent nipple pain)

How to Hand Express Milk (this is an essential skill used to relieve engorgement, harvest colostrum, and shift towards weaning)

Bookshelf & Website Recommendations

Ancient Map for Modern Birth by Pam England

Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols

Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) – Birth Psychology – a place to learn about your baby’s brilliance even before birth, and to find resources for your own mental well being

Spinning Babies – pregnancy and labor techniques to promote healthy positioning

Evidence Based Birth – information to guide your choices for labor

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers – for parents who want be informed about circumcison (also look for an article on circumcision from Evidence Based Birth when you click on the preceding link)

KellyMom – for lactating moms

Postpartum Support International (groups for moms and dads facing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders)

The Car Seat Lady (guidance on choosing and installing car seats & choosing vehicles)

ICAN – International Cesarean Awareness Network (webinars, blog, and resources for those who want to learn about cesarean birth, TOLAC, VBAC, and VBAMC)

Product Recommendations for Pregnancy &/or Labor

Products & Services for New Families

Frugality is a virtue, except perhaps when you’ve recently given birth! The early weeks are a time when investing in help is worth it. If you can’t budget for these, consider asking for some as baby shower gifts (in lieu of the excess infant clothing you would likely receive otherwise): maid service, lawn care service, dog walking, and grocery delivery. Sprouts, Publix, Aldi, The Fresh Market, Costco, Target & others deliver via Instacart; Shipt overlapswith Instacart in the stores they shop from but also offers Palm Beach Meats and Winn Dixie; Whole Foods delivers via PrimeNow; and Walmart via Walmart+. Meals make awesome gifts for new families. If the family has a mealtrain or takethemameal site to coordinate meal deliveries, use that. Otherwise, have a meal delivered anyway, either homemade or sent by Grubhub, ASAP (delivery dudes), CateredFit, Ideal Nutrition Now, or Spoonful of Comfort. Other great resources for new parents are:

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