What is Energy Kinesiology?

Energy Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that integrates eastern medicine, modern understanding of the human body, and your own emotions and goals to improve your health — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Through muscle balancing, energy kinesiology can complement the care you receive from your medical team to promote conception, a sustained and comfortable pregnancy, natural birth, and joyful parenthood.

A personalized kinesiology session takes about 1 hour and can help you reach your health and personal goals, while resetting your body into a state of harmony.

What are your credentials for practicing Energy Kinesiology?

I am trained in the K-Power 5 Element Fundamentals for Mind-Body Therapists, through the International College of Healing Arts.  I am also Touch for Health (level I) trained. I have been using Energy Kinesiology practices for myself, my clients, and others since 2015.

How can muscle balancing help me?

Common preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum related issues kinesiology may be able to help include (but are not limited to):

  • amenorrhea
  • painful periods
  • IVF
  • nausea
  • heartburn / reflux
  • fatigue
  • physical discomfort
  • pain and tension
  • digestive issues
  • bonding with your baby
  • difficulty sleeping
  • body image issues
  • optimal positioning of baby for birth
  • spontaneous labor prior to post dates
  • pelvic organ prolapse
  • sexuality
  • stress
  • incontinence
  • breastfeeding challenges
  • adjustment to new role
  • perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Are there any conditions for which a muscle balance is contraindicated?

No.  Kinesiology sessions are noninvasive and safe for all conditions, ages, and abilities.  You may be lying down or standing upright during your muscle balance session.

Is it uncomfortable?

I don’t think so. If you have ever been through physical therapy or chiropractic adjustments, you will find that the muscle testing and correction techniques of kinesiology are much gentler!

Is kinesiology an alternative to medical treatments?

No. It is not within my professional scope to either diagnose or treat medical conditions. Kinesiology is a tool you use to switch on your body’s healing resources and assist you in reaching your wellness goals as you work with your midwife or doctor.

What happens in a muscle balancing session?

In a balance, the expectant or new parent:

  • sets effective goals
  • undergoes gentle muscle testing to identify locations in the body where energy is not flowing efficiently
  • receives correction techniques to improve muscle performance, physical health, stress levels and emotional well being, mental clarity, and attuning with one’s body
  • receives personalized homework to supplement the balance

What is the cost?

For current doula clients, kinesiology sessions are complimentary if you choose to use time in your doula contact for the purpose of muscle balancing.

To add on kinesiology separately, there is a $50 fee per 1 hour session, plus a travel fee if you reside outside of my complimentary travel range of 10 miles from Midwife360, 3621 1/2 S Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33405. Within Palm Beach County, the travel fee is $20/visit. Beyond Palm Beach County, I offer energy kinesiology on a case by case basis, and the travel fee is $1.40/mile using Midwife360 as the starting and final destination on the round trip.

Or text/call 561-827-3263 to schedule your appointment.

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