Birth Pool Rental

Water is the cradle of life. It is here where all life began.

-Igor Tjarkovskij, 1982

I’m proud to offer rentals of the finest portable birth pools on the market, made by AquaDoula.

AquaDoula birth pools are in a league of their own! Here is how they differ from the competition:

  • Durable rigid wall sets up in seconds and is safer than inflatable pools. AquaDoula is not prone to punctures and air leaks.
  • Large volume allows for complete freedom of movement and can accommodate you plus your partner
  • Effortless temperature maintentance from the AquaDoula water heater (does not require manually replacing cool water with warm water)

The AquaDoula birth pool rental service includes the following:

  • Delivery of birth pool, instructions, and supplies at your 37 week mark
  • Disposable liner for a sanitary experience
  • Safety tools: portable step stool and thermometer
  • Hose, faucet adapter, and pump for easy filling and draining
  • On-call phone support during your labor, as it pertains to set-up and use of the birth pool.
  • Pick-up of the birth pool & accessories after your birth

Rental fee: $215 + travel fee (see below) if outside standard range

In-person support during labor may be available, for an additional $175 fee.

For “The Birth Less Traveled” Birth Doula clients, any travel fee will be waived, and set-up during labor is included at no additional cost.

Travel Fees

For clients residing within a 10 mile drive from Midwife360, 3621 1/2 S Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33405, delivery and pickup are complimentary.

Outside of the 10 mile standard travel range, the travel fee within Palm Beach County is $20.

Other locations in FL (pending availability): Using a starting location of Midwife360, 3621 1/2 S Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33405, your travel fee will be calculated by taking the total miles driven roundtrip and multiplying by $1.40.

Some clients who live farther from my location prefer to skip delivery of the AquaDoula birth pool and instead pick it up themselves in West Palm Beach. If you choose this option, I will only come to you for pickup after the birth and we will subtract half your travel fee.

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