Birth Art

The Birth Art Process is a creative means for exploring your perceptions about pregnancy, labor, and parenting.  While it is neither “art therapy” nor art making for the sake of the end product, the Birth Art Process helps us tap into our subconscious and recognize thoughts and feelings we may otherwise overlook.  What you discover while making birth art may open your eyes to topics you may want to further research prior to birth, while it also may help you appreciate and understand new perspectives.

  • Two sessions, lasting approximately 45 minutes to one hour
  • Based off of the mission and philosophies of Birthing From Within
  • Each session includes a meditative prompt, art making time, and opportunity for discussion.
  • Our focus is on self-discovery, learning, and preparation for impending birth and parenthood.
  • No special skills are required; this is for all expectant parents — fathers and partners included!
  • All materials will be provided by Tremendoulas.

Thinking about hiring a birth or postpartum doula?  Birth art sessions are also a wonderful, low-cost way to become better acquainted with me, so you can make a more informed decision.

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Do you have a group of expectant friends who also are interested in birth art sessions?  Group discounts are available.  Contact me for more details.


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