Yoni Steams


Mayan Yoni Stool with Tremendoulas

Yoni steaming (also called vaginal steaming or v-steaming) is a traditional Mayan practice used to restore health to the reproductive organs.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that yoni steaming is a powerful weapon against infertility and helpful tool for reducing menstrual pain and improving well being.  Tremendoulas offers private, in-home yoni steaming, both for postpartum clients (after lochia has ceased) as well as pre-conception clients.

Included in your yoni steam experience:

  • Organic, free-trade herbal mixture
  • Steaming equipment
  • Stool designed specifically for yoni steaming
  • Meditative prompts (optional)
  • Set-up and clean-up
  • Household or childcare assistance while you relax during the yoni steaming experience (optional)

What you need to provide:

  • A working stovetop, for boiling the water
  • A towel or blanket for wrapping yourself, to reduce steam’s escape
  • Ample time in your schedule for the steam (around 45 undistracted minutes). To maximize the benefits of the experience, clients should also be prepared to spend at least one hour immediately after the steam lying in bed or napping.

Pricing will vary and depends on whether your yoni steaming experience is incorporated into an existing postpartum doula contract or is purchased as stand-alone service. Are you ready to take advantage of the Tremendoulas yoni steam service?

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