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Prenatal / Bedrest Support

Investment: $25 / hour

Birth Doula

Investment: $800 (birth + prenatal and postpartum meetings)

Investment for repeat birth doula clients: $675

If affordability is a concern, please scroll to the bottom of this page and read the payment & affordability questions.

Postpartum Doula / Post-Adoption Doula

Investment: $25 / hour

Slight variations may occur depending on duration and hours of shift, as well as your proximity to my location.

Placenta Services

Investment: $25 (print), $240 (capsules), $50 (tincture, only available with capsules)

At this time, placenta services are available exclusively for those who have a birth doula or postpartum doula contract and for repeat clients.

AquaDoula Birth Pool Rental

Investment: $175 (with phone support) or $300 (with in-person set-up during labor)

Private Birth Art Sessions

Investment: $40 for 2 session

Investment for current birth doula clients: $0

Muscle Balancing Kinesiology Session

Investment: $30 / 1 hour session

Investment for current birth doula clients: $0

Yoni Steam

Investment: $40

Investment for postpartum doula clients: $20 (must be incorporated into a prescheduled visit)

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All prices listed on this site are subject to increase at anytime.

Payment & Affordability Questions:

Do you know any new doulas who will volunteer to attend my birth for their certification?

Although I am already certified, I have the availability to volunteer occasionally, and prioritize serving those who are lacking in familial resources.  Please feel welcome to ask me about my volunteer doula services if one of more of the following applies: you aged out of foster care, have become orphaned as an adult, are widowed, or have a spouse/partner, mother (grandmother-to-be) or other very close relative who is in residential/inpatient therapy, in hospice, in prison, or is otherwise unavailable. 

For all others, I am still sensitive to financial needs, and have created a Need-based Adjusted Payment (NAP) scale, in which my services are, essentially, partially volunteered, but come with additional expectations.   I also offer payment plans.

Regardless of financial concerns, I will always make a referral to other doulas in any situation where I am unable to meet your needs.    

Do you take my insurance or FSA (or HSA or HRSA)?

I am willing to work with you to seek reimbursement from your insurance companies after your birth.  Reimbursement is not guaranteed.  Unlike a health care provider, I do not directly bill your insurance company, and do not have preexisting relationships with health insurance providers.

I do accept payment through and HSA, FSA, or HRA.  Check with the provider of your account to verify that birth doulas are covered (other doula services typically are not covered).  You will probably need to get a “letter of medical necessity” from your care provider.  I’m more than happy to work alongside you in reducing your tax load through these vehicles.

Will you barter or trade?

Bartering for some of your fee may be a possibility.  I will consider bartering if I need your services or goods anyway.  If you seek bartering, please expect me to ask for references and other evidence of your workmanship, professionalism, and quality.  

Examples of services/goods I will consider bartering for include: handyman and contractor services, house cleaning, landscape/tree services, pastured eggs, goat dairy products, organic produce, and custom birthday cakes.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit cards
  • Payment plans
  • Your HSA, FSA, or HRA if it includes doula services
  • Gift certificates!  To arrange for a gift certificate in any amount, have those who care about you contact me, leaving their phone number in the contact form.   I will email a printable certificate to them after they have purchased your gift.

What do the payment plans look like?

Payment plans are designed per each individual family, with the goal being a schedule that is mutually beneficial to you and me.  We can discuss the details that are important to you once you have had your initial complimentary consult.

What is the Need-based Adjusted Pricing (NAP) scale? How do I qualify and apply?

After our initial consult, pregnant families with low resources and income less than 250% federal poverty level are welcome to request a NAP application for birth doula services.  I do not currently offer NAP for other services.  I will require evidence of your income and any assets you hold.  

Please be aware of these important notes:

  • Having a smaller financial investment in your birth doula means that I am less able to guarantee a back-up doula to support you in the rare event that I am unable to attend your birth.  Your contract will be modified to reflect this loss of guarantee.
  • Serving families on the NAP scale requires financial and personal sacrifice from me and my family, so I have limited availability to accept NAP applicants as a clients.  Please do not take offense or lose heart if you are not accepted as a client.  I will make referrals to any other doulas who may be able to meet your needs.

The following are rough guidelines of what you may expect to pay for the birth doula service if you apply for NAP, based on your income as a percentage of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and evidence of low financial resources:

Income between 138%-250% FPL: $515-735

Income between 100-138% FPL: $385-515

Income at or below 100% FPL: $250-$385

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