Typing on the brink of a new year, I am reminded of transition and change. Tomorrow will, in many ways, just be another 24 hours, like today.  Nevertheless, the mark of our earth having orbited the sun for another round is an opportune time for reflecting and resolving to grow.

As my clients, you can relate.  Tomorrow, you will still be pregnant, like today.  You will feel the same pregnancy discomforts you feel now.  You will ponder about the same breastfeeding, or Zika, or even financial concerns.

However, the day approaches that you will be holding your babies in your arms.  On the verge of motherhood, you are preparing to face many other potential challenges: possible complications in your health or your child’s, a clash with your child’s temperament, or merely the burdens of balancing work, motherhood, marriage, and any other responsibilities you have.

The bright side of all these weighty adult problems, of course, is that we have the chance to not only evolve personally for the better, but that we can model for our children to do the same.  How shall we do this?  I will let you decide for yourself, but for me, I have three resolutions this year:

  1. Gratitude — Keeping a gratitude journal at my bedside, I can spend a brief moment each day focusing on what is good in my life.  I’m a firm believer that gratitude is the antidote to grumpiness, and a fount for contented living.
  2. Lovingkindness — The diversity of God’s creation means I must share my world with a diversity of personalities.  Some I am more easily grateful for, but others, well, they seem designed to test me, especially when a person also has vastly different views than me on parenting, politics, or worthy life pursuits.  Learning to love those who might be labeled as my enemies may be the greatest challenge I will ever face.  Ultimately, though, I know that kindness and caring are what help me to sleep peacefully at the end of each day, and thus, I resolve to have kind and loving thoughts towards everyone this year.
  3. Mindfulness — Gratitude and lovingkindness may be corollaries of mindfulness (and also, mindfulness can naturally flow out of a practice of gratitude and lovingkindness meditation).  Nevertheless, I believe mindfulness is worthy of its own resolution.  Pausing to observe my thoughts, in and of itself, may lead to realizations I can not even anticipate today.  Without knowing exactly what troubles I may confront in 2017, I believe that my attitude, which is altered by mindfulness, will help me make the most of all situations.

If you’re also interested in implementing some or all of these into your motherhood experience. why not try starting now?  Who knows, it may just make your pregnancy more peaceful and comfortable, too!  Whatever the case, I pray that you enjoy the blessings of 2017, and I am grateful to be alongside you in your journey!



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