Postpartum, Post-Adoption, Post-Surrogacy, & Antepartum Support

The support of a “postpartum” doula is personalized for each mother or family, including:

  • mothers who are on bedrest during their pregnancies (antepartum support)
  • biological parents of babies born by surrogacy 
  • adoptive parents
  • and (obviously), women who have recently birthed.

Wisdom tells us that to heal from birth and thrive in parenting a newborn, one must hit the “pause” button on normal activities, and summon additional support.  At Tremendoulas, we will come up with a customized plan to ease your transition to this new season of life.

Options include:

  • Answering basic postpartum questions
  • Demonstrating and providing guidance for basic newborn care — from the umbilical cord, to diapering (in cloth or in disposable), bathing, calming, and sleeping
  • Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding assistance
  • Processing the birth and postpartum experiences
  • Providing trustworthy, up-to-date resources for your situation
  • Guiding you as you learn to use a baby carrier — wrap, ring sling, soft structured carrier, and other styles
  • Setting up sitz baths and yoni steams (yoni steams are only available after lochia has ceased)
  • Teaching you to bind your belly to promote recovery from pregnancy and birth
  • Light household tasks, such as dishes, laundry, tidying, and meal preparations
  • Crafting menus and ingredient lists
  • Picking up provisions and running errands
  • Playing with siblings or helping care for the newborn when needed

Is a postpartum doula the same thing as a baby nurse?

No.  While practices may overlap and be similar in some ways, the baby nurse model of postpartum support and the doula model of postpartum support are different.  Traditionally, a baby “nurse” (who may or may not be a licensed nurse) prioritizes or even exclusively takes care of babies’ needs — getting babies to sleep, changing diapers, bathing, and feeding babies (or instructing the mothers on pump use).  In this model, the baby nurse serves as a sort of nanny with a special focus on newborn infants.  In contrast, a postpartum doula is trained to prioritize the needs of the parents, and thereby indirectly meet the needs of babies.   My philosophy is that babies thrive best when their parents are caring for them, and that parents thrive best when they are well informed, nourished, listened to, rested, getting self-care, tuning into their intuition, and not overwhelmed.  When I show up for a postpartum shift, that is my goal — for you to thrive in caring for your own family.

Arrange for the support you need to thrive!  Let’s take on your challenges as a team!

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