Birth Support

support during birth for couples in Palm Beach CountyBirth is guaranteed to be one of the most significant rites of passage in your life.  How do you want to remember it?  Are you thinking of trying a “birth less traveled”?  Who will your allies be?

With a doula on your team, you know that at least one knowledgeable person at your birth will bring a warm heart and soft touch, and be devoted exclusively to you, your partner, and your baby (I have no incentives or pressures from hospitals, liability coverage, or family and friends).  Plus, doulas are scientifically proven to reduce the odds of a cesarean or medicated birth, which sets you up for a swift recovery and tons of bragging rights (not to mention health benefits for your baby, too).  In fact, my clients and I have a 100% vaginal birth rate so far, but since there are no guarantees in life, my bigger goal is for you to simply have a satisfying birth experience.

When you’ve contemplated what you want your birth to look like, let me know.   Let’s do this together.

What you get from me:

    • 1 hour complimentary consult / interview
      • 1-2 additional prenatal meetings (total 4 hours)
  • Prenatal meetings are personalized to your particular interests.  You are welcome, but not limited, to use this time for any of the following:
    • crafting a birth plan
    • crafting a postpartum plan
    • practicing labor techniques
    • creating birth art
    • preparing your body for birth with a muscle balancing session
    • preparing your children for their roles during your labor, if they will be present
  • Guaranteed back-up doula in the rare event that one is required
  • 24/7 phone support for questions, encouragement, and suggestions as soon as labor begins
  • Continuous, physical presence during the entirety* of your labor, as soon as you decide you are ready for me to meet you at your location
  • Complimentary photography of your labor and delivery on your own personal camera
  • Notes and quotations from your labor and birth
  • Immediate postpartum support for up to two hours after the birth
  • In-home 1.5 hour postpartum follow-up meeting, to debrief the birth experience, offer any desired help with breastfeeding, get feedback, and, time allowing, give you a chance to shower or rest while I take care of some household or baby care tasks.
  • Phone support prenatally and postpartum
  • Exclusive rates on birth pool rentals and placenta encapsulation.
  • Repeat birth doula clients also receive a discount on the birth fee.

What I expect from you (besides financial obligations):

Beginning in April 2019, I will only attend births for clients who have attained a comprehensive education in childbirth, as detailed below.  I’ve chosen to create this policy because no matter what you may think or hope your birth will look like, reality rarely obeys all of the plan.  Understanding and accepting all the possibilities and options you may face during your transition to parenthood can help you to be more prepared, confident, and courageous, and may prevent potential PTSD.  Any of the following are acceptable fulfillments of this requirement:

  • Attending a comprehensive childbirth education course (12+ hours, ideally spanned over at least 4 weeks), coupled with cesarean birth education**.  Courses completed during a previous pregnancy are acceptable.
  • Previous experience giving birth vaginally with no pain medications, coupled with cesarean birth education**.
  • Childbirth education courses less than 12 hours, supplemented with consumption of books, documentaries, podcasts or other sources of information that I approve as adequate to fill in gaps from your childbirth education course.
  • Recent experience working as either a labor & delivery nurse or a doula
  • Being credentialed as a certified doula, childbirth educator, midwife, or ob/gyn

**Cesarean birth education options include:

  • a previous cesarean birth experience
  • a cesarean birth workshop, led by me
  • reading 3 chapters from Ancient Map for Modern Birth, by Pam England.  The subjects of these chapters are long and difficult labors, informed consent, and cesarean birth.
  • self study, on a case-by-case basis

planning birth palm beach wellington jupiter boynton delray doulaAt your request, additional prenatal and postpartum meetings may be scheduled for $25 / hour.

*In rare circumstances that I am at your birth for an extended period of time, a back-up doula may be called in to trade places with me and bring fresh energy to your birth space.  This is a decision we will make together and only when necessary.

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