Birth Support

planning birth palm beach wellington jupiter boynton delray doulaBirth is guaranteed to be one of the most significant rites of passage in your life.  What do you imagine for your childbirth experience?  How can I help make it the birth of your dreams?  When you’re ready to make it happen, who will be there to support you and your partner?  Let’s do this together.

Striving to meet the range of physical, mental, spiritual, and financial needs of all families, we customize your birth support to your unique labor, and offer two different packages with the option to add additional prenatal and postpartum meetings.


Complete Birth Support Package (recommended):

  • 1 hour complimentary consult / interview
  • 1-2 additional prenatal meetings (up to 4 hours total)
  • Prenatal meetings are personalized to your particular interests.  You are welcome, but not limited, to use this time for any of the following:
    • crafting a birth plan
    • crafting a postpartum plan
    • practicing labor techniques
    • creating birth art
    • preparing your body for birth with a muscle balancing session
    • preparing your children for their roles during your labor, iif they will be present
  • Guaranteed back-up doula in the rare event that one is required
  • 24/7 phone support for questions, encouragement, and suggestions as soon as labor begins
  • Continuous, physical presence during the entirety* of your labor, as soon as you decide you are ready for me to meet you at your location
  • Complimentary photography of your labor and delivery on your own personal camera
  • Notes and quotations from your labor and birth
  • Immediate postpartum support for up to two hours after the birth
  • In-home postpartum follow-up meeting, to debrief the birth experience and/or take a nap or shower while I take care of some household or baby care tasks
  • Phone support prenatally and postpartum
  • Exclusive rates on birth pool rentals and placenta encapsulation.


Doula for a Day Package:

  • Unlimited phone / FaceTime / Skype support prenatally and during labor
  • Continuous, physical presence for your entire* labor, as soon as you need me
  • Photography on your personal camera
  • Notes and quotations from your labor and birth
  • Up to two hours of in-person support immediately after the birth
  • Postpartum phone support for the first 6 weeks
  • Guaranteed back-up doula in the rare instance that one is required

The “Doula for a Day” package was designed with repeat clients in mind, but others who are more experienced at giving birth or who have budget constraints may prefer this option.


At your request, additional prenatal and postpartum meetings may be scheduled for $25 / hour.

*A nominal hourly rate applies after 18 hours of in-person support during your labor.

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